SQ: Begin W/Your Name!

Status : Finished

1 / 9 Chapters

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Sun Jing has a massive crush on a girl she sees at the bus station—feminine, blonde, and absolutely adorable, Qiu Tong is everything Sun Jing desires. But the tomboyish, outgoing Sun Jing cannot bring herself to utter a single word in Qiu Tong's presence. Once she musters up the courage, however, Sun Jing successfully introduces herself and secures a friendship with the cute girl. Although they are only friends for now, Sun Jing will do anything to see Qiu Tong smile; and with her genuine kindness, she might just win Qiu Tong's heart. [Written by MAL Rewrite] Note: this entry is for the published volume and not the ongoing webcomic. Please, do not submit any changes.


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