• Published : Oct 18, 2007
  • Type : One-shot
  • Magazine : Ribon Special
  • Author : Sakura, Amyuu
  • Genre : -
  • Rank : #2816
  • Popularity : #3148
  • Volumes : Unknown
  • Chapters : 1

Dear Green

Status : Finished

Unknown / 1 Chapters

7.51 Voting



Shun Aoi has always been in the shadow of her older sister Mio, an extraordinarily talented girl loved by everyone around her. Because of this, Shun has gradually developed a nonchalant attitude and complete apathy toward her future. The only place she finds comfort is a forest near her school, where she is able to play the flute all by herself. One day, her peace is disrupted by the sudden appearance of Yousuke Tokisaka, a charming and cheerful boy who turns out to be the prodigious son of a renowned photographer. Despite Yousuke's eccentric nature, Shun finds herself drawn to the young boy, who proclaims that he loves Shun's flute playing. This unexpected encounter soon paves the way for a genuine and romantic relationship—and with Yousuke's help, Shun may finally discover her own value. [Written by MAL Rewrite]


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