Nee Nee, Nene-san.

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Unknown / 1 Chapters

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Nene Arisugawa loves to eat food as much as Rintarou Kamioka loves to cook. After Nene has a disastrous day at work, the two next-door neighbors happen to strike up a conversation. When Rintarou learns that Nene mostly survives on a diet of protein shakes, cup ramen, and sports drinks, the concerned culinary student declares that he will cook all of her meals so that she can get proper nutrition. Thanks to their arrangement, the two soon become more involved with each other, but Nene is uncertain why Rintarou is always apprehensive around her. Moreover, there is a mysterious door in his apartment he does not want Nene to open. Just what exactly is Rintarou hiding? [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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