• Published : Jun 10, 2020
  • Type : One-shot
  • Magazine : Shounen Jump+
  • Author : Hakuri
  • Genre : -
  • Rank : #2915
  • Popularity : #3830
  • Volumes : Unknown
  • Chapters : 1

Nante Nasakenai Bokura da. What a Pity We Are.

Status : Finished

Unknown / 1 Chapters

7.49 Voting



Yukiya Iiyama, an ordinary young boy, is tired of the noisy sounds the city produces. The headphones he wears deafens him from the blasting radio that plays everywhere he goes. Truthfully, Yukiya holds a deep passion for music and songwriting. However, he hit an art block when his best friend and songwriting partner, Natsumi Souda, rose to fame as a new idol. Today, her music frequently broadcasts on the radio. Although Yukiya is filled with admiration, her music also immensely frustrates him as he cannot write songs anymore. One day, Souda shows up at the music store Yukiya works in and tries to reinsert herself into his life. She asks him if he has been writing anything new and expresses interest in singing to his music like old times. Yukiya initially acts guarded, but deep down he wishes to be able to write songs again. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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