King's Maker

Status : Finished

3 / 38 Chapters

8.14 Voting



Five years after the mysterious disappearance of the nation's fourth prince, a statement is issued, demanding that any boy found using his name is reported to the authorities. Thus, a manhunt begins for those named Wolfgang. Wolfgang Goldenleonard is well aware of his identity, and he knows that the authorities are still looking for him. He also knows that they mean to end his life. In hiding since the death of his mother, the prince has fostered a bond with the orphans of the streets. However, after threats to them are made, Wolfgang is forced to reveal himself. With his identity publicly revealed, Wolfgang is taken to the home of his tyrannical father. At his father's palace, Wolfgang retains his hatred for the man who gave him life. He refuses to behave as befitting of a Goldenleonard prince and breaks every rule he possibly can. He is often reminded that he is never to covet the king's possessions, but through his rebellious spirit and fiery nature, he has already caught the eyes of the king's favorite catamite, Shin Soohyuk. Shin sees Wolfgang as a force for change, the spark that may just light the fires of rebellion. And with the promise of granting Shin's freedom, Wolfgang agrees to become his pawn. [Written by MAL Rewrite]


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