Chao Hua Xi Shi Flower Time

Status : Finished

Unknown / 79 Chapters

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Studious and strong-willed An Kele has always tried to live her life unswayed by others, preferring to judge people with her own eyes. Due to her mother working overseas, she moves in with her aunt and soon encounters a handsome host named Yan Shu. Though fascinated by him, she is determined to work hard in school and be noticed by her upperclassman, Bai Yiran. Unbeknownst to An Kele, the name "Yan Shu" is just an alias of her classmate Ye Ling, who moonlights as a host to alleviate the crippling debt left behind by his absconded father. While Yan Shu charms with his confident smile and silver tongue, Ye Ling is a brooding school truant—the type of person that the diligent An Kele can't help but dislike. Though their relationship starts off both bitter and sweet, An Kele and Ye Ling find themselves tied together by fate—and so, the duo face each trial and tribulation that comes their way, chasing the bright future that comes with the rising sun. [Written by MAL Rewrite]


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